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Resilience | Change | Acceptance | Healing | Perspective | Hope | Choice | Balance | Recovery | Meaning

When we face circumstances that are difficult in our lives, how do we respond?  How do we find our inner peace and structure, our sense of being content and whole?  

In a warm and protected space, I work collaboratively with clients to find ways to help them cope better with life’s challenges and setbacks, solve problems, and live more fully and authentically.  My style is active and engaging, tailoring the therapy to meet each individual’s specific needs and goals.  

My philosophy is to focus on the things we can change and the choices we make.  As we learn to understand and recover from past disappointments and traumas, we can develop the skills and strategies for handling current and prospective stressors. Ultimately, each of us strives to achieve a fusion of harmony and purpose as we move toward an emotionally healthy and gratifying future.